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[May. 27th, 2006|01:07 am]
Socially Anxious Singles


Name and/or nick-name: Kris
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation (Gay? Straight? Bi?): Asexual. Though, I am 20, therefore at the 'I'm confused about my sexuality' stage. So, I don't like to say asexual, and that's it, perhaps I'm just late at developing. I won't go into a whole discussion here.
Age: 20
Height: 170cm
Build (Slim, medium, athletic/toned, large etc): Lanky
Location (Town, state, country): I live in Australia. More specific, in Melbourne, Victoria.
Nationality (if different): Both of my parents are Hungarian, I was born in Australia.
Would you date long distance?: Ofcourse. I've never done it before though.

Hobbies: I recommend looking on my LJ user info if really interested. I'm mainly interested in neuroscience. My main field of interest is in the bunch of nuclei in your brain, near your temporal lobe, known as the Amygdala. I'm interested mainly in emotions, and how biochemical and cellular processes effect them. Ofcourse, I love my psychopathology :) Out of the brain and into the world, I love video gaming. I love nintendo, and at the moment, world of warcraft. I also like fiction writing. I'm not actually good at writing, but what I like is comming up with plots and stories, because I have a bit of an overactive imagination. Though, I don't finish my stories. I also like cartooning. Stuff like comics.

Occupation: Second year doing a bachelor of behavioural neuroscience.

Religious?: At the moment, not really. Agnostic. But I was really into it, mainly philosophically. I went to a catholic school. My beliefs match most closely with unitarian universalism. I used to love religion, but for some reason, I don't read about it as much these days.

Music?: Mainly rock, and I'm not a fan of slow music. I don't really like R&B that much either, and rap... meh, it's okay. I'm not too picky with songs. But my favourite type of song is angsty lyrics, and happy (to me) music. At the moment, I like the Dressdan dolls, System of a Down, Panic! At the Disco and stuff like that. But most songs are random, I don't stick to bands that much.

Living situation With my mum

Would you describe yourself as a homebody?: What's a homebody? :P

Any particular SA fears? (Phones, crowds, public speaking etc): Okay, here is where we get funny. I am quiet contradictory, since I'm an extroverted introvert. Let me explain.
-First, the phone. I hate answering it, I hate calling people on it. I rarely call people, and when I do, I feel nervous about it. I try to put it off. If it's a friend, it becomes a bit better, since I know I will get a good conversation. Then I can yap for ages. I feel stupid for being nervous to ring the person, since they normally end up calling me. I feel bad for that.
-Crowds: What makes me the most nervous is having to go out alone, to a crowded place. Prime example is shopping centres. On the other hand I love meeting new people who show interest in me. That really boosts my self esteem. And I like night clubbing. Probably because I feel that no one is really judging me. Yep, that's my funky logic. Besides I go with friends. I'd die if I had to go alone!
-The 'net: I feel most comfortable on forums, and the best on livejournal. I feel like I can 'open up soul to show everyone' without thinking twice about it. But IM... *gulp*. I rarely go on msn, but sometimes, I make myself go. I'm slowly getting used to it.
-Eye contect. No, I will not make eye contact with you, though I will look in your general direction, probably your feet. It makes me feel very uncomfortable.
-Public speaking: I thought for the fun of it, I'll mention that I love public speaking! Back in highschool, I was on the debating team! I also liked acting, mainly improvisation, because I can't memorise lines. And, this is why I want to be a lecturer. Though, I still get very nervous, but it's a good kind of nervous. Bit of an adrenaline rush there - lol, how dull must my life be. Also, I work in a deli. Customer Service. Though, I like it, I have a uniform on, and I become a different person. More confident. I can talk to people, because it's my job. On the other hand, I hate getting served. Makes me nervous. Again, another thing I don't like about shopping.
Altering - my comfort zone likes to expand and contract like the universe. Some days, I get so anxious that I skip out on going to uni or work from the mere thought of other people just looking at me making me really nervous (this behaviour is what scored the diagnosis), other times, I can't wait to go somewhere, or to talk to someone.

Do you drink/do drugs/smoke?: Drink when I go clubbing, or when others are.

Do you mind other people drinking/doing drugs/smoking?: Depends. I don't really mind, unless it's making you sick, or you are doing it because you are sick. For example, trying to use drugs to self medicate bipolar, for example. I don't mind it in the "that's sooo wrong" kind of way, more in the ''I don't like to see you hurt yourself" kind of way.

How about kids? Don't have, don't really care about having.

I give you various poses and stuffs. I am not very photogenic, but I LOVE having my picture taken. Oh, how ironic!

Body shot. You can see the lankiness.

Me and a brain. Without makeup.

Face shot with makeup on it.

In any case, if you are really fussed with the way I look, browse through http://pics.livejournal.com/nervous_neuron/

Contact details? (Email address, AIM sn, MSN messenger etc.): msn me on shinkei_is@hotmail.com IF YOU CAN, buwahaha! Or aim nervous neuron. Best way, though, is LJ friending me, and talking to me on there, and then sniping me on MSN if you see me on.

Anything else you want to say?:Bllllargh! I guess another thing is I act differently around different people. If I'm with an anxious person, I tend to me more calm. That's quiet strange of me. Probably the fact that the person is just as nervous as me makes me feel better.

I AM LOOKING FOR: [this section is just a guide. You can write completely your own thing if you want! But sometimes a little inspiration can be helpful] I can't be bothered with this question. Besides, I don't even know what the hell I'm looking for!

From: _chainedophelia
2006-05-25 03:41 pm (UTC)
The concept of dating, etc. can make people, who have anxiety issues, feel asexual and it can be a prolonged/lifelong status of sexual "orientation".

It's okay to be extroverted introvert. I'm like that too sometimes. :)
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From: secretsquirrel2
2006-05-26 06:29 pm (UTC)
So if you're asexual does that mean you're looking for companionship but not sex, or you don't know if you want to be looking at all?
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[User Picture]From: axl12
2006-06-16 04:47 pm (UTC)
I like neuroscience too! :)
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