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Because it won't very well post itself [Jun. 29th, 2006|03:07 am]
Socially Anxious Singles


Name and/or nick-name: Name's Asaph. My friends call me Ace in real life, which is a nickname I'm grateful for. You never know when you'll have too much to drink one night and wind up with a lifetime moniker like "lil willy" or "cheeks."
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: (Gay? Straight? Bi?): Straight
Age: 25
Height: 6'2"
Build (Slim, medium, athletic/toned, large etc): Medium and improving, finally - been hitting those weights :)
Location (Town, state, country): Santa Cruz, California. Proud capital of the banana slug kingdom
Would you date long distance?: I doubt it, but then I may not have met the right person.

Hobbies: Reading (Hard sci-fi mostly, short stories, the odd poem) and writing (though I have almost no actual surviving text to show for it. I'm a perfectionist with an itchy delete key finger). I always enjoy learning about computer and internet-related stuff. I'm studying up to take various certifications (CCNA, MSCP, that sorta thing). I'm an aviation and space fanatic. I'm going to buy a plane someday even if it bankrupts me. I still want to be an astronaut when I grow up.
Occupation: My job is to keep a countertop from floating away by weighing the register on it down with cash. When there's no money to be found, I lean on it instead.
Religious?: Kinda/sorta/not really. I was raised Jewish, went to sunday school, Bar Mitzvahed, yadda yadda - but my experiences have in general not given me much hope for ever feeling like I want to really participate in any organized religion. The closest I ever really feel to anything like communing with a higher power is when I read about astronomy and cosmology.
Music?: All kinds. Reggae. "Alternative" (yes, I know, 'alternative to what?') the moodier the better. I like Coldplay and stuff that sounds vaguely like Coldplay. I really like electronic music, if it was composed by someone not simply trying to fill 10 minutes with a danceable drum loop. Plus a little of everything else - old school R&B, modern rock, classical...
Living situation: With my parents, regrettably. I hate it, but housing prices are insane where I live. I'm workin' on it.
Would you describe yourself as a homebody?: Yes, but I wish I wasn't. If this anxiety thing hadn't come along and screwed up my social development, I bet I'd be at a rave or something every night.
Any particular SA fears? (Phones, crowds, public speaking etc): Mostly speaking to new people, either on the phone or in person. I really get petrified around young women in particular.
Do you drink/do drugs/smoke?: I drink occasionally, when I really feel like I need one. As for drugs, my mental landscape is quite interesting enough as it is, thank you.
Do you mind other people drinking/doing drugs/smoking?: Not so long as it's done responsibly.
How about kids? (Got any now? Want any in the future?): No kids - not that I've ever had the opportunity to produce any. I'm not sure if I'd want them in the future. I do love kids, but I'm definitely not ready to be a father yet.

Appearance? (Photo and/or description): I should've waited to take a photo I suppose. I have dark orangish blondish hair and blue eyes. I'm pretty unremarkable looking I suppose. I'll post a pic in awhile.
Contact details? (Email address, AIM sn, MSN messenger etc.): AIM is "sporkflight," e-mail address should be in my LJ profile.
Anything else you want to say?: I'm sure I will approximately 7 seconds after I hit the "Update" button.

I am looking for: Someone who's fun to talk to. I don't care about age much, but I am looking for someone I can actually meet in person and get out of the house with.

[User Picture]From: snoopydancer
2006-12-28 07:05 am (UTC)
I love your icon.
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