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sa_singles's Journal

Socially Anxious Singles
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This is a community for people with social anxiety/social phobia to find like minded souls. Anyone who is socially anxious can join, any age/gender/orientation/location.

  • When you join, fill in the questionnaire (see below) and post it so we can know some things about you. Feel free to add anything extra that you want to!

  • If someone's questionnaire catches your eye, leave them a comment! We are all shy and socially anxious here, so no one will be judging each other

  • Important! Be nice to each other! Do not say any racist/homophobic/offensive things. And do not leave any hurtful or criticising comments. Also, please nothing explicit/pornographic! Keep all text and pictures clean!

  • Feel free to put up any pictures (if they're big, or lots of them, under a cut please!) and write anything else you want to. But try not to make entries too off topic. This community is about finding that special someone, not talking about the football etc!

Copy and paste these questions and answer as many as you want with your first entry so we can know a little about you:


Name and/or nick-name:
Sexual Orientation (Gay? Straight? Bi?):
Build (Slim, medium, athletic/toned, large etc):
Location (Town, state, country):
Nationality (if different):
Would you date long distance?:

Living situation (alone? With parents? With room/housemates? etc):
Would you describe yourself as a homebody?:
Any particular SA fears? (Phones, crowds, public speaking etc):
Do you drink/do drugs/smoke?:
Do you mind other people drinking/doing drugs/smoking?:
How about kids? (Got any now? Want any in the future?):

Appearance? (Photo and/or description):
Contact details? (Email address, AIM sn, MSN messenger etc.):
Anything else you want to say?:

I AM LOOKING FOR: [this section is just a guide. You can write completely your own thing if you want! But sometimes a little inspiration can be helpful]

Someone older/younger than me
Someone taller/shorter than me
Someone who lives close by
A homebody/someone that likes going out/a combination
Similar hobbies/music tastes to me
Someone living alone/with parents/with housemates

Any problems/comments/criticisms/suggestions etc. feel free to leave a comment here or at my journal. (coco_princess)