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Hey people, thought I'd jump in and join in with the fun. Name… - Socially Anxious Singles [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[May. 26th, 2006|09:59 pm]
Socially Anxious Singles


Hey people, thought I'd jump in and join in with the fun.

Name and/or nick-name: James, Nozzer, bouncy_penguin
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation (Gay? Straight? Bi?): Straight, more or less
Age: 22, though I had to think about it, it still sounds like someone older than me
Height: 5'11"
Build (Slim, medium, athletic/toned, large etc): Scrawny
Location (Town, state, country): Exeter, UK
Nationality (if different): Boringly purebred British as far back as I've ever bothered to trace my ancestry
Would you date long distance?: I don't especially have dating in mind, I'm really just looking to get to know some new people who I can get on with, and I often find that easier to do online than in person (for obvious reasons, given where we are). Company of any sort and at any distance would be nice, to be honest.

Also, I'd like to take this moment to interject and say that I've rambled on at much greater length about myself already over here. (If the link doesn't work for you, it's bouncy_penguin at OkCupid.) (Also, hyperlinks appear to blend very well into the background here, but you get the idea.) That also has pictures, so that's probably the place to go if I haven't bored you already.

Hobbies: I'm a computer and maths geek, I read a lot, write a bit when I get round to it, watch too much TV and films, listen to a lot of music, don't play as many computer games as I used to, I play poker when I can find anyone willing to stump up some cash... I can juggle which sometimes wins me a few cool points.
Occupation: Student, in the fourth and final year of a Masters in maths. And four years is starting to feel like quite long enough, thankyou. About time to move on and find some office to sit and crunch numbers in for forty years.
Religious?: Agnostic atheist. I know your god's made up, but I can't prove it universally.
Music?: Is good. I used to play piano, but I guess this is more about what I listen to. There's plenty of classical and death metal on my iPod, I'm scattered all over the place.
Living situation (alone? With parents? With room/housemates? etc): Currently with Uni housemates. Then back home with parents again for an indeterminate time, then off somewhere else on my own, quite possibly.
Would you describe yourself as a homebody?: Not really, but that's not to say I'm absolutely not one.
Any particular SA fears? (Phones, crowds, public speaking etc): I've always had trouble pinning down quite how it works with me. Phones I'm not good with at all. When there's a conversation already going on between more than one of my friends, I find it very hard to get involved, and tend to feel nervous if the attention suddenly turns to me, but one-on-ones I can often do well. I open up a lot more in IM conversation. With crowds or strangers, I tend to be alright if I'm sticking to something predictable and prepared - I can ask for help in a shop or at a ticket kiosk, I can give presentations to a roomful of fellow students and teachers so long as I'm prepared and know what I'm doing. But I often can't even chip in when I'm sitting round having tea with two housemates.
Do you drink/do drugs/smoke?: Nope. Not never, but it's an anomaly if/when I ever do.
Do you mind other people drinking/doing drugs/smoking?: Nope, but if they overdo it then I might prefer to keep my distance.
How about kids? (Got any now? Want any in the future?): Nope, and not really keen. I think I'll just get a cat.

Appearance? (Photo and/or description): Try the OkCupid profile, I can't be bothered finding somewhere to host them again.
Contact details? (Email address, AIM sn, MSN messenger etc.): Nozzer42 on AIM, do say hi, or drop me a comment here. I'll tend to chat to anyone with whom I share a sense of humour.

[User Picture]From: kamera1
2006-05-27 04:32 am (UTC)
i like yer taste in music (:
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